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Masonry Repair

Masonry Restoration

Masonry Repair and Restoration for a Variety of Substrates

Masonry Repair

Masonry repair and restoration typically begins with the removal of failed masonry elements, followed by cutting and repointing of mortar joints, and structural enhancement of any concrete surfaces. Any failed elements are then replicated or repaired and replaced.

Once the masonry areas are cleaned, extensive testing of the masonry and mortar joints is done using the RILEM test method. Test areas of clear sealers are applied and then retested to determine which product is best suited for the particular situation.

On concrete surfaces where carbon dioxide and air pollutants lower the protective alkalinity around the reinforcing steel, the Alpha Team may apply anti-carbonation coatings to protect and enhance an existing structure.

In our history-rich area of the country, many older buildings require the replication of intricate decorative elements - a specialty for which the Alpha team has earned an outstanding reputation.

Expert Masonry Restoration for a Wide Range of Masonry Substrates
As evident in our successful restoration of structures throughout the Greater Boston area and New England, the Alpha Weatherproofing team has the experience and expertise to repair and restore a wide range of masonry substrates, including terra cotta, brownstone, marble, limestone, granite and more.

Repair Masonry

Masonry Restoration and Repair Services:
Brick Rebuilding
Building Cleaning
Historic Masonry Restoration
Masonry Repointing
Stone Patching - Brownstone, Terra Cotta, Granite, Limestone
Stone Removal and Replacement
Through-wall Flashing Repair

Masonry Repair & Restoration Projects:

35 Dunham Road Office Building

393 Commonwealth Avenue

Lyne Labs

Albert N. Parlin School

Anchorage Apartments

Beaconsfield Condominiums

Residences at Charles Square

St. Helena’s House Apartments

Two Clarendon Street

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